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China’s rise casts shadow over Hong Kong’s teeming wetlands

Semi-autonomous city’s integration with southern China has sparked fears for rural areas known for their biodiversity.

Hong Kong, China – Barry Ma peers through the lens of his high-powered telescope and raises his arm as he points in excitement.

“Here!” he says in a hushed voice. “Look here.”

Ma has spotted a pair of little grebes — a duck-like bird, but an unrelated species — swimming on a pond in Hong Kong’s wetlands, nestled in the city’s rural New Territories.

An eco-guide for the World

Running out of options, Hong Kong protesters dig in

HONG KONG -- On June 9, Jason So joined the sea of people stretching from Hong Kong's Victoria Park to its seat of government at Admiralty. On that day, more than a million people took to the streets to protest against a proposed bill allowing criminal suspects to be deported from Hong Kong to the mainland, a law that many saw as emblematic of a wider, creeping erosion of the city's treasured civil liberties.

Daniel Wu: Hong Kong's Baddest Movie Star

For nearly two decades, Daniel Wu has been one of Hong Kong’s hottest actors. But now, he’s breaking down barriers in the countryof his birth – the US.

Currently shooting its third season, Wu’s Into the Badlands is among a handful of Asian-American-led shows that have found success on mainstream American TV, where Asian-American actors rarely land leading roles. For every Fresh Off the Boat or Master of None (which even mocked the typecasting of Indian men on American TV) there have been indiff

Translating Emotions—'Lilting' Is a Debut Feature Film

Watching a film that enlists an interpreter to translate most of the dialogue between its two main characters is a tall order for even the most accommodating audiences. But it is the hurdle of communication that propels the drama in director Hong Khaou's feature debut, "Lilting," about an uneasy bond between two strangers who share a common grief but not a common language.

British actor Ben Whishaw plays Richard, a young man mourning the sudden death of his boyfriend and reaching out to his dec

Finding the perfect luxury fit for your feet

Why these shoes are the ultimate in tailor-made ‘stealth luxury’

In a dusty workshop in an old industrial building in Hong Kong, John CW Lau, a director at Kow Hoo Shoe Company, oversees a team of four shoemakers. The quartet, ranging in age from late 60s to 95, meticulously craft custom-made shoes for some of the city’s most prominent businessmen. While across town in one of the city’s gleaming high-end shopping centres, Jean-Michel Casalonga of Berluti is hand delivering shoes to customers an

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